Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life isn't always a piece of cake...

But sometimes it is easy as pie.

I always give my coworker Maggie a hard time about the assignments she gives me to shoot. She is the city hall reporter so most of her stories deal with some kind of government regulation, city council meeting or pensions. All riveting topics when it comes to photography as you can imagine.

How can I forget the time we drove around photographing non-ADA compliant curbs? Or the thrilling task of photographing storm drains? How I have not won a Pulitzer yet is beyond me.

But sometimes, sometimes Maggie works a miracle and finds something good. And by good I mean delicious.

Being that this is Thanksgiving week people are out preparing for the most important part of the day and the reason we all gather together–pie!

On Monday we headed over to Phillips Farms where they made more than 700 pies for Thanksgiving last year. That's a lot of pie filling.

The photos were not technically challenging or even particularly interesting to look at but it was fun. Sometimes that's all that matters.

What I enjoyed most about it though(other than eating a delicious apple pie) was making the video. This is one of those cases when a movie does more justice to a subject than still images. With the video you can see the crust forming, the juices dripping and the skill it takes to form the crust(it's harder than it looks). The photos just didn't convey it as well.

So check out the video, read Mags' story and enjoy a safe and happy Thanksgiving.