Sunday, August 30, 2009


No, I don't mean the interesting people from abroad that come here to make a new life for themselves. I mean the band that should have called it quits years ago.

They played at the annual Rock the Square fundraiser at Hutchins Street Square on Friday. It's a huge fundraiser for local charities. Each year they bring in a different band. Last year the Doobie Brothers put on a great show. The year before that was Kenny Loggins(I can't imagine any square being rocked by the singer of
Rainbow Connection). This year it was the driving force behind songs such as Urgent and Dirty White Boys.

These guys had more cheese than a pizza. And the women were going nuts for it. Was it the booze they'd been drinking all night? I sure hope so because if acting like the lead singer is what I'll have to do to get a lady when I'm older I'm afraid I'll be single my whole life.

I was laughing most of the time I was there shooting.

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  1. These are great! you have a real eye for subjects! thanks for your support. we don't diss chest hair either...( :

  2. Thanks you and you're welcom, Krista(and Michelle).

    And you can diss whomever you like as long as I'm not dissed for having a chest like a 10-year old boy. :)