Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lodi Gem and Mineral Society

Since taking over as chief photographer at the Lodi News-Sentinel I haven't had much time to shoot anything just for the fun of it and not for work. So when an opportunity came for break from the salt mine I jumped on it.

Last week I had three assignments at basically the same place(two at American Legion Hall and one next door at Zupo Field) all at the same time. Working as quickly as I could I shot a portrait of Bob Gross, retiring director of the Lodi Community Band, and a meeting of the local Tea Party Patriots. As I was walking back to my car to drop off my lighting equipment before moving onto the baseball game I heard the eardrum-piercing sound of a bench grinder coming from what looked like a miniature airplane hanger. I had to investigate.

What I found inside was the Lodi Gem and Mineral Society. A few fellas cutting, grinding, and polishing stones. The guy who runs the place, who's name I can't recall, gave me a tour and explained the process of taking a chunky piece of gray rock and cutting/polishing it into a colorful and smooth stone.

I didn't have much time to stay but I shot for a few minutes and enjoyed the little break from work. I will be going back one day when I have more time to shoot.

A few minutes after I found the Lodi Gem and Mineral Society former mayor of Lodi and councilmember JoAnne Mounce also had to investigate the same sounds that drew mw. Great minds think alike.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for looking, everyone. In the coming weeks there is a good chance I'll be adding updates because I will have some motivation to get out and shoot. And that motivation is coming in the form of a new Nikon D3s camera( I can't wait to get it. August 19th can't come soon enough.

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  1. Haha, get rid of Netflix, and you'll have more time to shoot =P

    My favorite is the photo of the hands on the grinder, third from the bottom. The b&w is awesome.