Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video test

Since getting my Nikon D3s last week I've been attempting to learn the art of taking video. Mostly I've just been walking around the office in my free time taking clips of coworkers and splicing them together haphazardly.

Yesterday I had to photograph a local house that is on the market. This house happens to be in the middle of a vineyard. And being the time of year that it is the grapes are looking mighty ripe for picking. So I went back there this evening to take some simple video clips.

I edited them together using Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing program with more options than I know what to do with a far too complicated for a person with no prior editing experience. So I did the obvious thing and jumped right in, clicking on buttons of which I have no idea what they do.

But after a while a managed to MacGyver some clips together with some royalty-free music.(gotta love that stuff).

The best way to view it is by double clicking on the video so it takes you to youtube. Then you can watch it full screen @720p.

Not too bad. I need to work on my transitions so i can avoid that freeze frame between shots. But I will figure it all out eventually.


  1. It's only going to get better. Great job! Very relaxing watching it. Good song choice to by the way. -Dale

  2. I'm so excited for all the new stuff you can do with your fancy pants new camera :) Great work, I'm looking forward to more!