Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Volleyball-The Real Test of a Camera's Might

It turns out Tokay High's gym is considerably darker than a football field. Those football shots below were shot at ISO 4000, f/3.2-f/4 at 1/1000th of a second shutter speed.

But in Tokay's gym even ISO 5000 wasn't quite high enough to get a fast enough shutter speed to completely freeze the action. These were shot at f/3.2, so I could have gone down to f/2.8 to get 1/3 stop faster shutter speed, but lenses aren't their sharpest wide open.

At the next match I will take the ISO up to 8000. That ought to freeze things up a bit.

I still haven't shot a single photo at the D3s' highest standard ISO of 12,800(let alone 25K and above). One night I may just have to push it.

(all shots-Nikon D3s ISO 5000, f/3.2 @ 1/400)

Volleyball was a lot herder to shoot than I remember it being. I think it's because I have to get closer to the court than I did using the 200mm lens on my D300, so the volleyball comes at me a lot quicker than it use to. All the more reason to get that 300mm. Could be hard to use in the gym though.

Head up, I'll probably be posting a lot of sports stuff in the next couple months. It's just that time of year when sports dominate most of my time.

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