Monday, April 11, 2011

One Last Mission

Today in Sacramento the Liberty Belle, a restored WW II-era B-17 bomber was at Mather Air Force Base giving rides. So last week we found a local WW II vet who served on a B-17 during the war and we brought him a long for the ride.

He had not been on a B-17 since his final mission on June 20, 1944. These guys were suppose to fly 25 missions and their duty was done. His 25th mission was the day before D-day. So he had to fly a few extra missions on D-Day and the following two days.

He was a tail gunner. Flew 31 missions in all. Bailed out once and crashed during one of the post D-day missions.

Great guy. And still sharp as a tac.

It was a lot of fun shooting.

All shots taken with Nikon D3s w/17-35 2.8