Monday, April 27, 2009

Bolinas, Ca with the Intrepid Soul

Yesterday I went to a beautiful and apparently little known beach in Bolinas. It was a nice little staycation with my pals Brian and Natalie of the Intrepid Soul and Natalie's friend Laura. It was a great day of laughs, surfing for Brian, lazing about for the rest of us, and working on our sunburns.

We left Lodi around 9 am on our long journey to the coast. Brian was obviously excited to be getting some surfing in.

Nat was quite happy to have her picture taken. Laura not so much.

We had to pull off the road for a bit for some fresh air and a beautiful view of the coast.

This guy ran out in front of us. Luckily we weren't going any faster because he was just a few feet in front of the Jeep.

As soon as we got there Brian was in the water.

This guy took a liking to Nat when she was holding Brian's camera.

This is an old guy with a kite if you couldn't figure that out.

Random fun.

And a giant dog.

The kite guy without his kite. Something must have been interesting on the side of the hill he's looking at.

Me looking all kinds of sexy...kinda.

Our uninvited guest.
I'll be honest. I have no idea what's going on here.

Natalie was gathering pieces for some kind of Frankenstein crab until I destroyed it with a rock.

Hand-slapping fun.

Natalie taking care of her man.



Working on my epic sunburn.

Bizarre wood man thing on the beach.

Natalie doing an impression of the coolest person she knows; me. Her coolness failed in comparison though.

Natalie building a rock monument.

And this is why I'm always behind the camera.

So the trip was tons of fun. Weather was gorgeous. Go read the Intrepid Soul in a few days to see a better written version of the trip.


  1. Dan this is there are way too many pics of me!!! lol....but i love the deer! and the giant dog....amazing pics =).....especially the last pretty much sums u up! lol

  2. Ah yes, fortune cookies will runneth over. But to think that an Obama-era Joint Chief (Chairman above that!) is concerned really makes me uneasy.