Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Week in Photos

If you looked at my schedule this week you'd immediately notice how unexciting it was. But it never ceases to amaze me that good photos can from from seemingly boring events. This is is this week in photos.

This is a 12 year old with a type of lymphoma. His family's winery held a fundraiser for him today out at Vino Piazza. He was having a beanbag war with his brother and a few friends in a corridor. I ducked down behind a shelf to avoid a beanbag pelting and snapped a few shots; one while he rested between battles and one during a lull in the battle. Super high ISO. Very noisy. Heavy shadow on one side and bright highlights from the open end of the corridor on the other. I love the way it turned out though. There's something about shadowed faces with rimlight around the body that always gets me.

He walked a little further down and the light hit him from the front. Great light.

This guy was sorting food for the food giveaways at the Salvation Army. I personally like this one more in b&w because the tones are as good as they get. But apparently people tend to thing b&w is "lying."

And this youngin' is cleaning glass at Washington School for Comcast Cares Day. I cut her torso in half and showed more of the windows to accentuate how small she was and how far she had to reach to get to the windows. And the light is awesome.
It's occurred to me that I like to shoot the right sides of people. Hmmm...

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