Monday, April 20, 2009

Candlelight vigil for a Lodi teen

Last night I was asked by my editor and publisher to cover a candlelight vigil for Diego Chavira who was killed last week. I have been to vigils in the past but they were all much smaller than this one. More than 150 people gathered around second base(the position Diego once played for the Lodi High baseball team) at Zupo Field in Lodi.

Whenever I shoot something that involves the death of a person I always worry about intruding. I've never actually run into any problems, but it's always in the back of my mind. Last night though I had none of those feelings. I felt very welcomed. Even when I was knelt just a few feet in front of his grieving mother they never once made it seem like they didn't want me there.

Now, on to the photos.

I know the Chavira family will never see this blog, but I thank them anyway for allowing me to photograph them during such an emotional event.


PS: Make sure to check out The Intrepid Soul by LNS Photo Chief Brian Feulner.


  1. Amazing shots and kind words. You never know, once I wrote about a Lodi High student's death and what it was like to be at the funeral. It was a blog-only exclusive and the family read it. In my case they weren't all that happy I had written about it, but they went out of their way to read the blog... something to think about. Again, very nice.

  2. It makes you pause and appreciate the serenity of losing a love one and the remembrance of those lost.