Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boring days at work...

...are boring.

They start with high school golf; the most action packed action sport full of action ever...EVER! After this shot this golfer did several backflips, punched the other players in their faces, and then threw his clubs in the water. Sadly, I was briefly distracted by a nearby squirrel and have no proof of it actually happening.

And they end with meetings about how boring meetings are. This is Joe Nobody asking the board of trustees, "wtf am I doing here? This is boring! You're bored too, right?"

Soon. Soon the summer fire season will begin. High school sports will end which makes my days a little less exciting, but at least fields and houses will be on fire.


PS: As always make sure to check out the blogs of my friends and colleagues; The WadeWire and The Intrepid Soul especially.

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