Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dancers in the Dark

Being a photojournalist in a sprawling metropolitan city such as Lodi I have covered just about everything the typical daily newspaper has to offer. Fires, city council meetings, professional sports, high-speed chases, dance-offs between Lady Liberty and a giant pickle and everything in-between. Having covered such a large variety of things I've learned what I'm terrible at shooting, what I hate shooting, what I enjoy shooting, and what I shoot best.

If there is anything I enjoy shooting the most and am very good at shooting it's "misery(to quote one of my best friends)" and performance arts. 

I love shooting performers on stage, especially dancers. And if I can get in the mix of the action even better.

Tonight there was no stage. Just a small studio with black walls(a room I have shot in in the past-never this well though, thanks to my D3s). But there were plenty of dancers, albeit little ones.

A few ballerinas were practicing for an upcoming performance of The Nutcracker and I had to photograph one of them for a QNA. But I'm never going to pass up the opportunity to shoot something I love, so I stuck around a snapped off a few photos of the group.

Hope you guys like the photos. 

I apologize for the lack of updates. This time of year there isn't a whole lot going on for work. 


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